Find a UK education agent

There are education agents, counsellors and advisors who can help you to apply for a course at a university, college or school in the UK. They can help you choose an institution and make your application, and they might also be able to advise you on topics such as UK student visas, accommodation, travel and more. You don't have to use an agent or advisor to apply to study in the UK, but if you would like to find one, then you can look at our list of trained agents below. The British Council is committed to supporting quality, professionalism and integrity in agents who represent UK institutions. Training is a core component of our global strategy and you can find more information on this below too.

British Council list of trained UK education agents

You can view the list of agents who have completed the British Council’s training and have signed up to an ethical code of practice.

Please note that the British Council does not run any accreditation scheme for agents and is not responsible for the actions of any agent. Hence, this should not be interpreted as a list of agents recommended by the British Council.

Find out about training for UK education agents

Throughout the year we arrange training sessions for UK Education agents who promote the UK as a place of study.

The objective of these training sessions is to help agents gain a better understanding of the UK's education system. We also focus on how to provide good quality advice to prospective students.

The local agents who participate in the training programme agree to guidelines for the UK education agents. These guidelines are attached below.

Eligible agents are requested to submit their Expression of Interest through this link. The certificate is awarded to individuals (agents) and not to businesses (agencies).



Eligibility Criteria Guidance for Education UK Agents Training Certificate (Foundation)

Agents have agreements with two institutions that are either : 

  • on the UKBA Register of Highly Trusted Sponsors

  • A British Council accredited Language School

Please provide scanned copy of your agreement or reference letter from the UK institution you represent.

To find out more about the training please contact us.