We welcome visitors with disabilities and those bringing pushchairs. If you need help with access or have any questions, please let us know.


Our Gulshan teaching centre is located at the International Turkish Hope School, Gulshan. 

  • Airport train station is 9.8 km away
  • Gulshan 2 bus stop is 650m away.

DROP OFF      

The nearest drop-off point for cars, taxis is outside of the main entrance. 

  • this drop-off point is 2m from the International Turkish Hope School, Gulshan, main entrance
  • there is also a drop-off point outside the main entrance that can be used by visitors with disabilities. Please contact us before your visit so that we can arrange this.


The Gulshan teaching centre at Int'l Hope School (Dhaka) does not have a carpark for visitors.



Step-free access to the teaching centre is provided via the main entrance and the classes are located on ground floor of the International Turkish Hope School, Gulshan. The main entrance to the school premises is accessible to wheelchair and pushchair users. 

But the building where the teaching centre is located on the ground floor is not accessible to people using wheelchairs or pushchairs.

  • there is a set of three steps leading up to the main entrance
  • the width of the main entrance door is 183cm
  • if you need support to access the teaching centre building please call us when you arrive 
  • a staff member will accompany you to reception.   


Before you enter the building you will need to go through a security check. This involves you and your bag is checked.

  • you may hear several loud bleeps during the check. 

If you have any concerns about the security check, please contact us before your visit.


There is a customer service desk 1.52m to the right of the main entrance. Our staff will be happy to help if you require any assistance.

The teaching centre is on level 1, with wide corridors accessible to visitors using wheelchairs.

The ground level of Gulshan teaching centre at Int'l Turkish Hope School (Dhaka) features some wide level corridors accessible to visitors using wheelchairs with help from others. Other sections of the building have steps up and down, for which there are no ramps. 

There is a café on the ground floor. 



  • there are accessible classrooms on the ground floor 
  • these classrooms are equipped with computers and tablets with screen magnifiers and screen reader software.


You can reach the first, second and third floors by stairs.

Unfortunately, there is no lift in the International Turkish Hope School, Gulshan. Please contact us before your visit if this will pose a problem so that we can make alternative arrangements.


There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor. It is suitable for people using wheelchairs.

  • the width of the toilet door is 121cm. The door opens inwards.