To celebrate World Photography Day, we bring you top tips for perfecting your ‘Selfie’ technique

In November 2013, the word, ‘Selfie’ officially entered the Oxford English dictionary. Today, there are over "90million photos currently posted with the hashtag, 'me'".

Gone are the days of posing awkwardly for a backwards-facing camera and hoping for the best. And these days, the issue that is truly at the tips of everyone’s fingers is… how can we master the perfect ‘Selfie’?

1. Get the light right

Seems trivial? Think again! Choosing the best lighting is a crucial step in the process to mastering a good ‘Selfie’. Yes, it must be said that ladies, we especially, go to great lengths to ensure that the lighting will show off our best sides… however, men - you're not too far off!

Try standing directly in front of your window or door and using the natural light to master that glow, even complexion and the appearance of clear, blemish-free skin.

2. Say no to flash and yes to filter

The washed out ‘ghost look’ is everyone's worst nightmare when on the hunt for the best selfie. Photographs can go from glamorous to ghost in seconds, so take our advice: ditch the flash and turn on filter!

Lets face it, the perfect lighting, however desirable, is not always available.

Modern technology however, means that now we can mimic light: adding brightness and shadow until we have the perfect man-made setting for our ‘Selfies’. Instead of being dazzled by flash, we suggest adding a touch of brightening or darkening after the picture is taken.

3. Know your best angle!

The angle of your ‘Selfie’ is everything. Under the chin ‘Selfies’ are a 'selfie crime' and a strict no-go for most people. We suggest you avoid them by all means!

This is not to say however, that the same rules apply to everyone. Know your best angle! You're best friend's angle may not be yours. Knowing what works best for you is key,so don't be afraid to spam your mum’s camera-roll. Trial and error is what works best!

 4. Perfecting your pose

Last, but by no means least, getting your pose perfect is a must. Girls, the renowned sucking-cheeks-in definitely comes hand in hand with the famous 'pout', to create your go-to ‘Selfie’ pose in times of doubt. Always wished for prominent cheekbones? Wish granted! This approach will highlight your best features and give you an effortlessly glamorous finish.

So that’s it, our four musts for ‘Selfie success’! And what are you waiting for? It really is that simple. Get snapping and get ‘Selfie-ing’!

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