We have spent months to curate a brilliant solution which will enable you to carry our library in your pocket. Thus, we have introduced our Digital Library app which will entitle you to carry our ever-expanding 80,000+ collections on the go. Be it on a stuck traffic or in your class break or on your coffee break: the library is there, always, on the palm of your hand. As a member of the British Council Digital Library, you will have world-class resources at the tip of your fingers, from online study resources to popular eBooks and audiobooks, and award-winning movies and documentaries

5 reasons to subscribe to our Digital Library

  1. Read anywhere, anytime
  2. Accelerate your learning and career growth
  3. Develop new skills
  4. Access English learning resources from the world's English experts. 
  5. Access 80,000+ ever-expanding resources under one annual subscription. Why pay multiple international subscriptions when you have the British Council Digital Library?

Worried about how to become a member in this challenging time?

Register online and carry the library in your pocket!

Once you become a member after completing the registration and payment processes, sign in using your email and set a password for your account. Using this online account, you can now renew books, check library status and enjoy digital library resources from anywhere in the world! Download the app from the below links:

* You have to become our library member to get access inside the app.

Digital Membership (One Year)

Age: 18 years and above
Fee: BDT 1,900
  • E-Journals - Read and download over 2,000+ journals from JSTOR and 15,000+ from ProQuest Central
  • E-Books - Read and download 1,20,000+ full-text e-books and audiobooks (includes academic and fiction)
  • E-Magazines - Read and download the best of UK magazines including The Economist, Amateur Photographer, New Scientist etc
  • E-Movies - Watch over 8,000 award-winning movies, short feature films and documentaries
  • E-Newspapers - Read 8,000+ e-newspapers from across 100 countries
  • E-Learning - Access 40,000 online learning modules on soft skills and software applications
  • E-Resources for Children - Enjoy 'Learn English for Kids' resource and over 16,000 digital graphic novels and e-comics
  • Watch online - movies, theatre performances, music documentaries and stream live concerts

Register to pay online: Click here to subscribe