A stack of books on a book shelf

Our libraries in Bangladesh are a key platform for the delivery of our cultural relations ambition in South Asia. Our collection reflects our core priority areas of English, arts, education and society, and also brings the best of contemporary UK culture to you, our Bangladeshi audience. 

You can use our collection* to access content to open up new professional opportunities through English teaching and learning, enrich your professional life in the arts, develop new understanding and partnerships related to UK education and engage with contemporary UK culture. 

Each of our libraries boast a vast collection of print books, DVDs and audiobooks, and 50 of the best UK periodicals and newspapers, covering the core subject areas. In addition, our customers can access a vast collection of online resources covering a wealth of subject areas, including 80,000 e-books and 14,000 e-journals. Our exciting plans for 2014-15 include the launch a new online literature offer. 

When selecting materials for purchase, our team shortlists titles against the criteria below and forwards selections to our selection committee, who make the final selection. We encourage you to make suggestions for purchase: these will be reviewed against the same criteria.  

We use the following criteria for selection and development of our collection:

  • Does the title fall within the areas of English, arts, education and society, or contemporary UK culture, as defined in the collection and programme policy? 
  • How well does the title meet the needs of users, within the current strategic objectives of the British Council? 
  • How does the title add value to the collection? 
  • How well has the title been reviewed?
  • What is the reputation of the author? 
  • What is the reputation of the publisher? 
  • How widely is the title recommended by reputable sources (subject-specific reading lists, lists of top titles in a subject area, etc)? 
  • Does the title fall within a reasonable price range for its type? 

The collection is regularly reviewed to ensure titles are up to date (less than seven years old), and that worn or lost titles are replaced where possible.  

Please contact your local library for specific collection information and for more details on how to access the resources.**

*The British Council reserves the right to change entirely at its discretion any or all of its stock, electronic or hard copy, at any time during the term of membership.

**Terms and conditions apply.