Kids Read

‘Kids Read’ is an award-winning scheme that was initially developed to help children enjoy reading across the Middle East North Africa region as teachers and parents often struggle to find ways to motivate children to read.  However, this is not a MENA specific problem and ‘Kids Read’ is moving into other regions of the world.  Bangladesh is one of eight countries in Asia that we would like to support the Ministry of Education’s current work in English language and literacy development. 

‘Kids Read’, developed by the British Council, and supported by The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC), will bring many different aspects to the children, teachers, school administration staff and parents in Bangladesh through school events, community events and competitions. 

‘Kids Read’ provides the opportunity to develop capacity in governmental schools (primary section) as part of the pilot year. The schools, nominated by the British Council and HSBC and approved by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, will receive approximately 90 English language story books that will have accompanying high-quality English language lesson plans and materials, teacher training workshops, student self-access resources and competitions.  

Selected Institutions 

 1. Udayan Higher Secondary School

 2. Viqarunnisa Noon School and College

 3. Engineering University School & College

 4. Kakoli High School & College

 5. Aroni Biddaloy, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

 6. Chayanaut: Nalanda

 7. Willes Little Flower School

 8. Junior Laboratory High School

 9. St. Joseph Higher secondary School and College

 10. Dhaka Residential Model School and College