We are in a climate emergency demanding immediate action. But how do we proceed, and what steps should we take? 

Here’s a GREAT Talks session by Professor Alison Greig, that you must attend to explore discourse centred around two distinct and innovative approaches aimed at tackling the pressing challenges of climate change. This session is designed to be thought-provoking, sparking a deliberate disruption of the conventional questions surrounding climate change and its education. Join us in this intellectual exploration, igniting introspection and inspiration, as we collectively navigate towards the most promising pathways ahead.

Topic:  Climate Change and Climate Change Education
Speaker: Professor Alison Greig
Date:  Thursday, 31 August 2023
Time: 04:00 p.m. to 05.30 p.m. 
Venue:  British Council, 5 Fuller Road, Dhaka

What is GREAT Talks? 

GREAT Talks is a lecture series by celebrated UK professionals, scientists and science communicators organized and curated by the British Council across Bangladesh. The event offers students a unique opportunity to meet with prominent educationists, scientists and science communicators and explore new options for education in the UK.

Speaker Profile

Professor Alison Greig is the Director of Education for Sustainability (EfS) at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU).

Her expertise extends to leading the EfS research theme at ARU's Global Sustainability Institute, focusing on equipping young minds with the knowledge and skills to drive positive change for a more sustainable future. Alison's significant contributions have earned her widespread recognition among her peers. As a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a recipient of the prestigious National Teaching Fellowship in 2019, she stands as an esteemed leader in learning and teaching. With a strong presence in academic and professional circles, Alison actively shares her work at conferences, workshops, and invited sessions. Notably, she was invited to engage in a debate on "Is inequality the key obstacle to achieving sustainability?" at Oxford University. Beyond her academic pursuits, Alison has served as an external examiner in various international locations, including Singapore, Malaysia, and India.