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British Council Schools Online is the online platform that showcases and supports all our schools’ work with a variety of online tools designed to help enable teachers to interact with other teachers globally, access professional development resources and online courses, join ongoing international projects, search for partner schools in the UK and other parts of the world to work on projects.

It is a one-stop access point for all school-related work of British Council. Some specific outcomes from extensive use of Schools Online include:

  • remain updated with the latest announcements and happenings
  • explore potential schools for partnerships by assessing their profiles and specific criteria
  • opportunity to join various teacher forums
  • opportunity to work on template projects in schools
  • get all relevant information on school partnerships starting right from the application process
  • get access to several global learning resources
  • register and complete the online professional development courses
  • create own blogs and interact with thousands of teachers across the world
  • get all relevant information about the International School Award
  • get to know about all partner organisations of British Council and their association with us
  • do register yourself on Schools Online and visit the website at regular intervals to make the most of the available resources. 

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