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Meet Saif Nazrul


I graduated in 2015 in Business and Management from the University of Hull. I was studying at the university’s campus in Scarborough, which is a quaint seaside town in North-East England. In 2012, I received the Hull University International Undergraduate Scholarship, which was then renewed twice due to continued merit. This meant that I had effectively received a full tuition fee waiver while completing my three-year undergraduate degree. In 2015, I took part in a summer school program at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) with the assistance of a grant arranged by the Hull University Business School. The CBS summer program included cultural and social functions, in addition to lectures conducted by visiting faculties from around the world. I also took part in the summer programme’s weekend trip abroad in Germany, which was a thrilling experience for me.

In general, I found the people I had met over the last few years to be very friendly and hospitable, and the universities offered an unrivalled student experience with the perfect balance of studies, industry exposure, and student life. The international community of teachers and students provided me with the opportunity to build lasting relationships and create a global network. The whole experience has allowed me the privilege of developing myself as a professional, confident and well-equipped individual ready to dive into the world of work.

I would like to thank British Council for creating this platform for me to present myself to and interact with potential employers, and considerably grow my professional network." 

Soon after my graduation in 2015, I returned to Bangladesh.  While being on the lookout for potential job-openings, I came upon a promotional advert for British Council’s Career Summit. I took a special note on this since British Council's impact on my education dates back further in my life. All my O an A Levels were accredited by them, and I had been a member of the British Council library for several years during my primary and secondary school years. I had also been in attendance at several undergraduate education exhibitions hosted at British Council involving representatives from a range of the UK universities. So I saw this summit as a great opportunity that would enhance my professional network, and perhaps even lead me to acquire a fitting job. I decided to attend the event in November, and over there I came upon Maxwell Stamp Limited’s stall. Maxwell Stamp, being a management consultancy firm headquartered in London sparked my interest, and I ended up talking to their representatives. Soon after the event, Maxwell Stamp called me back for a meeting, and after a rigorous selection process, I began to work for them.  

It has been a few months now that I have started working for Maxwell Stamp, and I am thoroughly enjoying my work here. The event helped me to secure the ideal job at Maxwell Stamp Limited, and I am sure that it assisted many other individuals like me on both their educational, and career paths.

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