In 2019 the Bangladeshi government awarded the British Council a £4.5 million country-wide primary school teacher development project – the biggest ever project in the country’s primary education sector, and the first phase of an ambitious national education reform initiative. Honourable Prime Minister of Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina personally approved the project, stressing the need for giving the utmost priority to children to learn English proficiently at the primary level. The British Council has been seen as the best partner to engage in helping Bangladesh achieve this goal.

The objective of TMTE, working in partnership with the Directorate of Primary Education, is to enhance primary-level in-service English teacher education through the development of over 2,000 primary teachers into Master Trainers in English and English-language teaching practices.  Our focus will be on developing Master Trainers who will be proficient and skilled in English, have a clear understanding of effective teaching practice at the primary level, and the skills necessary to support the development of almost 130,000 English teachers in primary schools.

Ultimately, this cohort of Master Trainers will contribute to improving the English language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking, and presentation) and understanding of effective language teaching practices among primary teachers, and therefore indirectly support the learning of their students.

Working digitally in response to Covid-19

Staying home is the new reality for many of us and we have to make the best out of the current situation. The British Council, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, and the Directorate of Primary Education are in this together, looking at ways we can engage our key audience (Master Trainer candidates) during this period of school closure and restricted movement.  

Covid-19 has presented a unique opportunity for us to look at creative and flexible ways to continue working to achieve the principal aim of the project – improving English proficiency.  So we have pulled together some of our best online resources and platforms to design an exciting digital solution.  In the coming weeks, we will begin piloting our digital solution to a select group of primary teachers before rolling out to all candidates.  Watch this space!

Teaching for Success

Teaching for Success helps transform the quality of teaching in primary and secondary schools. It exemplifies the British Council’s vision that all teachers in the world have high quality continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities that improve their own professional understanding and practice and their learners’ success. The approach is underpinned by the British Council Frameworks of Continuing Professional Development for teachers and teacher educators.

Our Frameworks

Our frameworks of Continuing Professional Development for teachers and teacher educators are the organising principles for our approach to teacher education and development: Teaching for Success.  These frameworks represent our global understanding of, and expertise in, teaching and teacher development. Our services and resources for the teaching of English language and other school subjects are all mapped to our CPD Frameworks and provide clear pathways for the development of teaching professionals.

Download our frameworks linked below.