British Council

WOW Dhaka: Sylhet Chapter organised by the British Council, South Bank Centre, and JAAGO Foundation. It will provide a platform to celebrate women and girls and explore the obstacles which prevent them from achieving their full potential. It will consist of panel discussions, performances, inspirational talks and many more, highlighting the particular challenges facing the women of Bangladesh. Topics covered include tech for women, legal support, health, leadership, and how to support young Bangladeshi people as empowered individuals. 

The programme will bring together women from all over Sylhet and provoke conversations between teachers, community leaders, artists, activists, filmmakers and entrepreneurs who discussed significant issues facing women today as well as celebrated and highlighted their achievements. It curates an inclusive, empowering space that pushes at the boundaries of gender conventions, refusing to limit itself or the women and men who interact with it, by making it a space for everyone. By pulling together diverse contributions from the wider community, WOW Dhaka: Sylhet Chapter draws upon a lived reality to inspire real change.

What is WOW?

WOW (Women of the World) is a festival that celebrates women and girls and taking a frank look at the obstacles they face across the world. There are talks, performances, activism, workshops, food, music, mentoring, workshops and more. WOW is for everyone and brings people together from all corners of society - both speakers and audience members - energising and providing the inspiration and tools to make a change.  WOW is a place where hundreds of women’s stories can be shared, feelings vented, minds influenced and fun had. Each WOW is for everyone, bold and broad-based in approach, both lively and serious, bringing together of people from all corners of society.

WOW in Bangladesh

Back in 2016, British Council hosted the first WOW Thinkin in Bangladesh.  WOW Thinkins are a chance to have your say on what and who you would like to see represented; what ideas can be developed into the programme; what in your opinion are the most relevant topics for women today; and what can we build on from previous WOW South Asia festivals.

We are hosting a number of WOW Thinkins outside of Dhaka, culminating in WOW Dhaka in 2019 where we will showcase our findings from WOW Thinkins though discussion and performances. The process of WOW Thinkins will continue to divisional towns in 2018, followed by a launch of an all-singing, all-dancing WOW Dhaka festival in 2019.


Thursday, 13 September 2018
03.00 PM – 07.00 PM
Abul Mal Abdul Muhith Krira Complex, 
Uposhohor, Sylhet


Time: 11:00 AM - 07:00 PM

WOW Market is a central meeting point, a place where people can go, reflect, browse, look for further information and take part in informal discussions, activities, and networking amongst a range of individually selected stalls. At the premise a total of 10 stalls will showcase innovative services, business models and ides by women.

  • MON FORING (craft)
  • 3 Sis Exclusive (clothes)
  • Chatbuzz (food)
  • Café Shunno 
  • Monipuri Saree Stalls 
  • BLAST (Bangladesh Legal Aid Services Trust)
  • JAAGO Foundation
  • Young Time
  • Shongkranti (Pitha)
  • British Council

Panel Discussion

Time: 03:00 PM - 03:45 PM
Discussion Topic: Achievements & Challenges in Sylhet

Panelists - 

  • Shornolota Roy, President, Sylhet Women Chambers of Commerce and Industries. 
  • Amina Parvin, Professor, Dept. of Social Work, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. 
  • Momota Begum. Works as a cleaner of a private clinic.

Moderator -

  • Fardina Rashin, Vice President, National Board, Volunteer for Bangladesh

Dance Performance

Time: 03:55 PM - 04:05 PM

A group of Monipuri dancers named Academy for Monipuri Culture and Art will perform at the main stage of the festival venue 

WOW Bites

Bite-sized stories of inspiration

Time: 04:15 PM - 05:15 PM

In this session, six women will share their stories, achievements, learnings, and life challenges: 

Speakers -

  • Rumina Akhter, football player 
  • Sayeeda Maeesha Adnin, entrepreneur and owner of ‘Ferdousy’s Cake’
  • Kanez Amena Kuddus, school teacher 
  • Syeda Khadija Tannu; entrepreneur and owner of ‘ChatBuzz’, chat cart 
  • Shirin Akhter, Director of PEP (Primary Education Programme) of FIVDB (Friends in Village Development Bangladesh)

Theatre Performance

Time: 05:25 PM - 06:15 PM

Sylhet-based troupe Nattomoncho Sylhet will present a drama.

Rock on with Shikorh

Time: 06:25 PM - 07:25 PM

The popular musical band Shikorh from Sylhet will perform live in this occasion.