We are celebrating over 65 years of cultural relations with the people of Bangladesh. We are currently active in all 64 districts across Bangladesh through diversified services, activities and programmes. Through our work, we create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the United Kingdom and Bangladesh. We focus on the next generation of Bangladesh, building confidence through qualifications and skills and through spreading the understanding of global citizenship. 

We work with the best of British creative talent to develop innovative, high-quality events and collaborations at home and abroad. Our focus is on institutional links and nurturing new networks that can blossom into sustainable creative partnership in the long term. We are committed to sharing and building creative skills of both Bangladesh and UK partners.  

We work to develop English Language skills through direct teaching, digital products, administering Exams, and developing teachers of English. We are working with the Ministry of Education to develop school and college level English speaking and listening assessment to enable students to access better employment and higher education opportunities. We are working with the government to support them in their ambitious secondary sector reform project, such as in professional development frameworks for teachers. In addition, we support the inclusion of 21st century skills in the curriculum through the capacity building of teachers.  


Our world-leading English teaching services are available to children, students, adults, and professionals. We are working with a wide range of partners, companies and businesses to deliver corporate English training to the public and private sectors in Bangladesh. Our nationwide examinations services enable people across Bangladesh to access educational and professional development opportunities from the UK and elsewhere.  

We have recently developed a new Cultural Centre – a state of the art library with a new collection and extensive digital resources, and a new convening space for the people of Dhaka. We work in partnership with the government on a nationwide project to modernise the public Library sector. We aim to provide greater access to information, resources and the internet to give citizens more control over their own lives and supporting them to achieve their potential through a range of user-driven services. 

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