Partnership: Our Work on Development

The British Council creates opportunities for people worldwide by helping societies achieve change in education, leadership development, skills, the public sector, civil society and justice. Working closely with governments, donors and business, we deliver value for money solutions that are both effective and sustainable.

Why partner with us?

We work collaboratively

We engage with networks and partners on the ground, governmental and non-governmental organisations at national and local levels, and community and youth groups

We combine local knowledge and global expertise

We build lasting solutions by listening to our partners and approaching issues from both local and international perspectives. We have a strong record of designing and implementing programmes within our fields of expertise worldwide.

We draw on our unique experience

Through our diverse areas of work and our presence on the ground in over 110 countries and territories, we have built trust and long term relationships with civil society leaders, policy makers and professionals worldwide, which we draw upon as we work towards lasting change.

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