HR: Why work for us

We are an international organisation creating opportunities to make a lasting difference for the UK and the countries we work with. Although we are spread in all corners of the globe, working in diverse roles in very different environments, we are all part of the same organisation and are all working towards the same goal. We have 7,400 members of staff in offices, teaching centres, libraries and information and resource centres in the UK and more than 100 countries and territories worldwide. The British Council Bangladesh is made up of more than 200 colleagues across offices in Dhaka, Chattogram and Sylhet. 

Our most important asset is our people, their ideas and their talents. When you join the British Council you will be encouraged to think about your own career development and to take advantage of learning and development opportunities. At the British Council we recognise that it is individuals that are the driving force behind our work, and we continually look for additional ways to support our people in trying new ideas, developing skills, and think independently.

Here are a few reasons why the British Council might be the right place for you.

An international organisation

There aren’t many organisations you can work for where you really have to think on a global level. You will have the opportunity to build connections with colleagues around the world. All employees are expected to have an international outlook, no matter what their individual role is. Every task and every role matters and contributes to our impact, and the value we bring back to the UK.

A friendly and inclusive place to work

The British Council believes in and is committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion. Our offices are welcoming, friendly and accepting of difference. Colleagues will be respectful of you and your opinions, and the same courtesy is expected of you. You’ll find that colleagues make an effort to get to know you, without judgement or prejudice. Our employees are expected to be friendly and professional, open and approachable. Our working environments encourage colleagues from different disciplines and backgrounds to work alongside each other, and our offices combine quiet spaces with places for collaboration and discussion.

Support for your development and progression

We provide a number of learning opportunities to help staff achieve their individual development goals and encourage managers to help realise each team member’s full potential. Our learning and development offerings include on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring, face-to-face workshops, digital learning resources and a career development toolkit. The British Council has introduced the My Learning site for employees, which has an extensive range of learning materials available. We encourage colleagues to take charge of their own career and we help them in achieving their career aspiration.

Work-life balance

We encourage our staff to strike a work-life balance by committing to working smart and making time for personal activities and pursuits. We offer a number of flexible working options, encourage staff to take their full annual leave and offer counselling services to staff in distress. The term 'flexible working' embraces the different ways in which the we can support employee aspirations for a better work-life balance in line with business needs, for example flexi-time, reduced hours and job-sharing.

Your voice matters

Everyone is expected to contribute to the British Council’s mission, and your views will always be heard. When you join us you’ll be expected to use your voice to contribute to our goals. Your voice will be listened to, giving you the opportunity to build your influence and reputation throughout the organisation. Cross-team working is fostered and different perspectives are encouraged. This is a place where collaboration and shared knowledge take place to produce best practice.