Wednesday 24 April 2019

Today, the British Council Cultural Centre has arranged a live performance by UK Military Band in its auditorium. As a part of introducing the culture of the United Kingdom to the people of Bangladesh, this live performance was arranged to enhance the cross-cultural collaboration and cultural relations between the UK and Bangladesh.

The Nottinghamshire band of the Royal Engineers is a reserved band made up of 32 musicians which, as well as their military roles, all have full-time employment outside of the army in jobs ranging from teaching to retail. The Band was founded in 2007 during a major reorganisation of Military Bands in the UK and is renowned for their Brass and woodwind performances.

Beginning the performance, the Band Master Corporal Isobel Summerfield introduced the audiences with each of the instruments followed by a short demonstration of them. The six female and one male team consisted of Corporal Isobel Summerfield, Lance Corporal Maria Putman, Lance Corporal Edward Swindell, Lance Corporal Rebecca Swindell, Private Lucinda Ryder, Private Rosemary Lord, and Private Elizabeth Pearce.

The audiences were mesmerized by the performance of the band where they played a variety of popular tunes dominated with the use of brass and drums. A variety of brass and woodwind instruments were used including French horn, Soprano Saxophone, Trombone, Percussion, and Baritone Saxophone.

Two years back on November 21, 2017, the band was also invited to perform at Bangladesh for the first time. They were invited in the premises of one of the partner schools of the British Council, Kakoli High School and College, where they took part in an interactive musical session with the school’s students. Later on, they performed in an open-air music session at the British Council Fuller Road office. Six bandsmen and women with a Band Master played some popular tunes and performed some interesting renditions with ‘post horns’ in front of hundreds of audiences which included the library members of the British Council and students from different schools. 

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