Sunday 24 August 2014

 Project over view: The World Voice Programme is a pioneering initiative of the British Council. It endeavours to promote arts in school education and uses music through singing to support the development of musicality and contribute towards a wider learning. It will promote sharing of British expertise in singing education with classrooms globally and to promote an exchange of skills, knowledge and understanding between all participating countries; support colleagues from around the world who wish to learn more about singing leadership techniques; provide a network where countries can forge long-lasting working relationships; provide resources which teachers and young people can use in the classroom; and last but not the least, celebrate singing as a fundamental global expressive art.

World Voice in Bangladesh: The World Voice Project was launched in Bangladesh with a four-day workshop on singing, held from 17 to 21 August 2014 at the Auditorium in the Oxford International school, Dhaka. The workshop was led by Dr Ian Young (Artistic Director, World Voice project), with 60 participants including, school students (age groups 11-13), school music teachers and independent music trainers across Bangladesh. During the workshop sessions, the school children learnt some English songs as well as a Bangla Song, ‘Amra shobai Raja’(a----) taught by Bangladeshi Musician. 

World Voice Champions’ for Bangladesh are Rezwana Chowdhury Bannya and Bappa Mojumder.

Goal of the project: 

• 50,000 school children from 200 schools will have the opportunity to sing as part of their schooling – using song to learn about music, culture and to reinforce wider study. 

• There will be at least 50 songs – two per country plus additional UK songs – added to World Song book which will be made freely available world-wide.

Speaking on the occasion - Mr Ranjit Kumar Biswas, ndc, PhD, Honourable Secretary, Ministry of Cultural Affairs said: "Singing not only enriches our culture but also offers academic benefits. Songs can help children learn different languages. Simple counting songs can reinforce math lessons. Traditional folk songs can bring history to life. Songs about rivers, stars, and rain can help children learn about the natural world and all its wonders. World Voice is an interesting project with lots of potential". 

Cathy Graham - Director Music, British Council, who has 14 years of professional experience in music, said, “Singing is a joyful experience. If you start it young, you have it for life. We would like the World Voice Programme to leave a legacy such that perhaps 10 years from now, children of one country are happily singing the traditional songs of another. They are all doing it without knowing why”.

Rezwana Chowdhury Bonnya - "When I was young, singing was the gateway to our imaginations. In every school in Bangladesh, still today, we commence the day by uniting together and singing our national anthem. I believe, World Voice, a pioneering initiative of the British Council, will further integrate cultural and global skills for singing through an enjoyable and creative learning environment". 

School names

1. Oxford International School

2. Dhanmondi Govt.Boys' High School

3. Viqarunnisa Noon School

4. Udayan School

5. Bangla Bazar Govt Girls' High School

6. Government Laboratory High School

7. Surer Dhara (Music School)

Musicians are

1. Shaik Salekin

2. Waqueel Ahad  

3. Anima Roy

4. Sadat Zaman Chowdhury

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