British Council

Like previous years, to celebrate the World Book day 2017, the British Council and Daffodil Education Network (DEN) jointly launched a nation-wide Book Reading Competition in April 2017. The launch was aimed at creating new readers and popularising reading habits among students and the mass people. The prize giving ceremony was held on 29 January 2018.

This year, around 3,700 readers across the country participated in the competition under four groups: A (Class I-IV), B (Class VI-VIII), C (Class IX-XII) and D (any adult). The 100 winners were chosen from participants through a short test held in October 2017. Toppers from each category were awarded a laptop. The toppers are Rayeem Omayeer Saad and Mubarrat Nawal Sumaita from Group A, Wakil Ahmed from Group B, Sumaia Rashid from Group C and Alfaz Uddin Ahmed from Group D respectively. Every participant was given a certificate of attendance.

Andrew Newton, Deputy Director, British Council said, “It was wonderful to see that on World Book Day, we can celebrate at Daffodil University the joys of reading, and hope that this will further encourage young people to engage in the pleasure and relaxation that reading can bring.”

The competition is one of the British Council’s many endeavours to contribute to the education sector in Bangladesh.