The British Council, in association with Ra’dia Inc, under the banner of Bangladesh-UK Alumni Network (BUKAN), hosted a half-daylong workshop titled Entrepreneurship Vista at the British Council Auditorium, in its Dhaka University campus on 29 September 2018. The workshop was celebrated with the presence of young minds and aspiring entrepreneurs who are thriving for success. The Entrepreneurship Vista is an effort to highlight BUKAN’s commitment towards contributing to the development of the youth and overall society in our country. 

BUKAN previously organised several workshops focusing on the academia. But this time the network shifted its focus on new a completely new venture of Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship and Business. A group of enthusiastic UK Alumni were the keynote speakers of the event, where they focused on fostering the youth and motivating them towards starting some on their own. It is believed if 10 per cent of graduates in our country becomes involved with entrepreneurship, the opportunities they create will reduce the unemployment rate of our country to almost zero. 

The workshop was a hub of aspiring entrepreneurs where the participants got knowledge and an experience-sharing platform from the diversified experts and entrepreneurs. The event was attended by 150 participants between the ages of 20 to 35. Barrister Shamim Haider Patwary, MP graced the occasion as chief guest of the game. David Maynard, Director Education, British Council, Golam Sarwar Bhuiyan, Managing Director and CEO, IIDFC Ltd, Chowdhury Manzoor Liaquat, Managing Director and CEO, Union Capital Ltd were also present as the special guests of the evening.

The workshop focused on social entrepreneurship and how it can help to achieve the SDGs, the challenges and prospect of women entrepreneurship in Bangladesh, the sources of funding for a start-up, the communication strategies a start-up should adopt. It also discussed the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Bangladesh, and a successful young entrepreneur shared his journey towards achievement to the audience.

The workshop ended with a motivational speech from the chief guest Barrister Shameen Haider Patwary, MP, who praised the initiative and motivated the youth towards entrepreneurship and explained how these youths could be the driver of our economy.The workshop was followed by a networking session, where the participants got the chance to get close to the industry experts and have a one to one talk with the experts.

The entrepreneurship vista motivated the participants to be committed to starting something on their own. It tried to inspire them the with the courage and belief to continue with their dreams even though if they encounter initial hurdles and experience failures. They decided to make the participants believe that if one is dedicated to his dreams, ready to work hard and take the calculated risks, then no force can stop that person from achieving his/her goal.

The participants were committed to be involved in social entrepreneurship, which in turn will help our country to achieve the SDGs. It shed lights on the prospect of women entrepreneurship and encouraged the female participants to be an entrepreneur and thus being an agent for change and empowering the women of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has a high unemployment rate which is becoming very difficult to tackle with every passing day. If more people get inclined towards entrepreneurship, then not only these people will be actively involved in income generating activities, but they will open employment opportunities for thousands of more people.