By Mustakkima Afrin

02 October 2016 - 10:28

Mustakkima  Afrin

The long tradition and global reputation of the UK education are driving me towards my vision, mission, goals and objectives,''  

Studying abroad brings a lot of challenges in a person’s life. However, it is also a lifetime opportunity to become one of the youngest female PhD researchers from Bangladesh to get the opportunity to research in a world famous and top ranked university like Aberystwyth University. I am lucky to be that person where I am able to avail this opportunity through my passion, dedication and hard work. Currently, I am researching on ‘Evaluating the effects of pollution on river ecosystem goods and services in Bangladesh and designing appropriate policy responses’. My supervisor is one of the leading academicians in the UK, Professor Michael Christie, Head of the School of Management and Business, Director of Research for Institute of Management, Law and Information Studies and Professor of Environmental and Ecological Economics. 

Before starting my PhD at the Aberystwyth University, I completed my Masters from this same university with distinction. I received IMLS Taught Masters Scholarship at Aberystwyth University which supported me to fully focus and concentrate on my studies. This university, thus, provided me with the perfect platform to demonstrate my capabilities to the fullest. The international environment, the modern facilities at the university and the supportive staffs also helped me to enjoy success in my academic career. 

The reason why I have chosen this university in the UK for pursuing my PhD because through this programme is, I can work at the cutting edge of science-environment discovery with intellectual people with whom I share a common interest. Along with that, the university has also helped me to build solid relationships and strong skills for my career in the future.

From the very beginning, I have always been interested in getting into academia, especially in a research career and this interest pursued me to go for higher education at Aberystwyth University. I am currently enrolled in PCTHE and working as a part-time lecturer at the university. Along with that, I am a Residence Tutor for my university and I look after the well-being of the university students, supporting them in shaping their educational and professional life.

I have learnt a lot about the real world whilst living in a supportive environment and the university staffs have helped me always to feel at home. The best part is I get to live in a picture perfect town with a beautiful beach in front and a magnificent hill in the backdrop. I am thoroughly enjoying my education and professional career here. After completing my PhD, I aspire to develop the socio-economic framework in river ecosystem services of Bangladesh through my research.

The long tradition and global reputation of the UK education are driving me towards my vision, mission, goals and objectives.