By Mohammad Sohel Khan

04 January 2017 - 15:42


My journey started back in 2009 when I was planning to further my career and was exploring higher study options abroad. Taking a decision to study in the UK during the world economic crisis was never easy. I was confused and in a dilemma on whether I should continue my job in Bangladesh or look for opportunities of higher studies.

Meanwhile, an opportunity came knocking. I attended the Education UK Exhibition organised by the British Council in Dhaka where I met a number of UK delegates from renowned UK institutions. I found the University of Hull most suitable for me. I talked to them thoroughly and decided to attend the interview arranged for me. After a successful interview I got the offer letter from the University of Hull for MSc in International Business. 

From that point on, my journey began into the world of creative ideas, culture, education and other aspects of the UK.  Starting my new life at Yorkshire, studying MSc, making new friends, hanging out in the university cafeteria, participating in the student Union, Athletic Union, Debating club are only some of the things I enjoyed during my stay in the UK.

The UK has a long tradition and reputation for being at the forefront of high quality international higher education. Having a good career back home was my primary motivation to study in the UK. Secondly I wanted to improve my English and communication skills while studying in a native English speaking country. Good command in English and communication skills are great assets in the Bangladesh job market. 

Moreover, UK education upholds cosmopolitanism and intercultural sensitivity towards other cultural perspectives and an improved ability to understand and communicate with people from a wide range of national and social backgrounds. When I studied and worked in the UK, I understood the cultural values, food habits, life styles of different nationalities. Now I can understand how different a student life can be from our country’s perspective. Furthermore, I experienced personal and social development while staying in the UK, beyond my academic learning. The impact of International study changed my individualism and helped me to grow my personal thoughts through in campus and off campus activities. For example part-time work, and volunteering, helped me develop my confidence level to overcome personal hardship. I cannot ignore however that another important value of UK education is networking and the social benefits out of it.

My education in the UK gave me the skills and expertise to handle a role through passion and motivation. I know how to work now in a team, adapting with time management, providing good customer service and developing leadership qualities. I always had the fascination to work with the British Council. I always dreamt of working with the British Council from way back when I was doing Business English course in 2007. After coming back from the UK, I joined the group ‘Bangladesh UK alumni association (BUKAN)’ of the British Council where I got involved with volunteering activities.

Later on, I got the opportunity to work as an Examinations Invigilator in 2013. During that time I worked closely with the British Council and came to know the working environment. There were so many learning opportunities at the British Council. This experience gave me the confidence to step up for further opportunities and today my dream came true! Now I am a proud member of the British Council family as Customer Service Officer.  

Attend the Education UK Exhibition 2017 and grab the opportunity to meet with the representatives from renowned UK institutions.