By Labonno

10 October 2022 - 15:52

My name is Labonno. I am a student of class 10. I became a participant of the English and Digital for Girls' Education (EDGE) club in 2021. Back then, I was a club member but now I am participating in the programme as a PGL (Peer Group Leader). I am delighted to be a part of the EDGE project of the British Council. I got the opportunity to learn so many new things here. I have learned English, digital and social skills as of this project. At first, I thought it would be very difficult but once I started, the fear went away and now we have completed half of the contents of the foundation phase. During my journey as a PGL, I learned how I perceive leadership. Leadership to me means being someone who will create a trustworthy and friendly rapport with her participants rather than being angry or moody. The leadership qualities developed in this program impacted my individual life as well. My family understood the importance of my learning through this programme, they now started valuing my opinion. My family used to appreciate my opinion earlier as well, but once I gave a live interview on Radio Shadheen their respect for me grew in folds. Now my younger sister is also interested to join an EDGE club. She is 10 years old now, so I asked her to wait till she is 13.  I will try to continue being a leader in this project, and also in my life. I will also want to utilise my leadership qualities in other aspects. During the course of this project, one of the topics really became my favorite. It was lesson 6, titled “I like to eat”. I really like to eat so it instantly became a very special topic for me. I could initiate a conversation about food with my club members while sharing this topic. Apart from the lessons, we also play games in the club, browse the internet, watch videos of local games of many foreign countries, watch youtube videos of EDGE, and practice digital skills. Hence, I feel, this opportunity is opening up many scopes for me, and for my friends.