In collaboration with the Department of Public Libraries (DPL) and Ministry of Cultural Affairs, our Libraries Unlimited (LU) Programme celebrated National Library Day 2020 on 5 February. Expressing solidary with the theme of the National Library Day 2020, LU participated in multiple events organised by the government along with events of its own. In the early morning of the day, LU attended the central rally of the DPL. 

Part of the celebrations was also an event titled 'Sharing meeting: Toy Brick Play Activities in Government Public Libraries of 64 Districts' - an interactive toy-brick creative play session with 40 children at Sufia Kamal National Public Library. This was followed by a meeting to raise awareness among the government stakeholders, children and guardians about the toy brick play activities and its impacts on the community. Speakers from the British Council and DPL shared how the 'Toy Brick Play' activity in government public libraries of 64 districts is supporting the development of the children in Bangladesh and how they are partnering together in this activity. An audiovisual on toy brick play activities produced by the LU was also launched during this session.  

The interactive toy bricks session was led by Juditha Ohlmacher, Member of the Board of Trustees, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. After a year of hard work, she recently built a model of the National Parliament of Bangladesh, using 8000 pieces of toy bricks. During the session, she showcased this magnificent model of parliament which mesmerised the children as well as other attendees. Later, she helped the children to form different structures with toy bricks. 

The guardians who attended the event praised the initiative of toy brick play activities introduced by the British Council and Department of Public Libraries. They stated these types of innovative activities in Government Public Libraries will attract new members which will help the libraries to grow.  

As a part of the celebration, multiple talk-shows were arranged on national media channels, which were attended by several senior government stakeholders of the Libraries Unlimited Programme, such as the State Minister of Cultural Affairs, Secretary, Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Director General, DPL. During the shows, the guests spoke about the importance of celebrating the National Library Day and the positives effects of different activities of Libraries Unlimited Programme of the British Council in developing the library sector of Bangladesh.