Summer School Campaign

The Oxford International Education Group’s Junior Programmes grants a remarkable experience to the students worldwide. Every year students from different countries spend their best summer vacation in the United Kingdom and the British Council is supporting this programme for the two consecutive years. The programme included Cricket and Leadership Programme. It was a two-week long programme which held at the Royal Holloway University of London, Egham and Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester. The programme comprised of cricket coaching, project work, interactive lectures, master classes and case studies. Students of age 7-17 were eligible to apply for the programme. The programme also included visiting different iconic places of Oxford, Cambridge, and Bath during the trip in the UK.

The British Council is a partner of this initiative encouraged the students of English medium schools to apply for the programme. The aim of the programme was to help the students to develop their ability to express their academic knowledge in an international scenario. The programme was also designed in a way that would further enrich their skills such as leadership, public speaking, team building, persuasion, debating, critical thinking, problem-solving and build greater knowledge and understanding of the world. 

The local school representatives welcomed this initiative that was taken by the British Council in association with Oxford Int. Education Group and suggested bringing more UK institutions to offer more interesting programmes like this. 

As part of this initiative, the British Council hosted a certificate giving ceremony for the participants who joined the programme. The students and the coordinator of the trip shared their stories during the ceremony. At the end of the event Andrew Newton, Deputy Director of the British Council handed over the certificate to the participants. ‘This programme is really creating enthusiasm amongst the youngsters who want to be our future cricket icon’ – said Andrew in his speech to the participants. To further strengthen the relationship between the UK and Bangladesh the British Council aims to organise similar events in coming years.