The British Council is implementing a global schools programme called Connecting Classrooms in Bangladesh to develop students’ 21st-century skills through improving teachers’ capacity and installing new approaches in the school system. To observe the progress brought in the field level, Country Director Barbara Wickham visited Halima Khatoon Secondary Girls School in Barisal.

This year we have delivered Core Skills training to head teachers and assistant teachers from 1100 secondary schools in 23 districts in Bangladesh. In the four-days training, the assistant teachers focused on ‘teaching critical thinking and problem-solving skills’ and the head teachers focused on ‘leading core skills’. This training helped teachers to ensure teaching core skills in the regular teaching-learning process of the school which supports to enhance the quality of education in Bangladesh.

The science teacher of Halima Khatoon Secondary Girls School Mr Jamal said “Now I feel more confident to plan my lessons in a participatory format and contribute more to students’ learning”.

Connecting Classrooms programme brings opportunity for the UK and Bangladeshi schools to make partnership with foreign schools and explore different education system, find best practices to learn from and adapt to their own education system.