Thank you for your continued patience and support through these challenging times. We are happy to announce that we are now resuming conducting International GCSE, IGCSE, O Level and International A-Level exams in Bangladesh, as per schedule.

At the British Council, your health and safety come first and foremost. We are closely following international and local guidance and implementing all the necessary health and safety measures to ensure the continued well-being of our community.

We would like to reassure you that our duty of care towards you is of paramount importance. We would like to highlight all the relevant measures we have taken to protect our candidates and staff members across our examination centres.

We will be ensuring that:

  • All health and safety measures are communicated to our candidates before the exam
  • Our exams venues are cleaned and sanitised before, during and after each exam
  • Access to and from our exam venues are always controlled to respect social distancing measures
  • The total number of candidates present at the exam sessions at any given time does not exceed the officially permitted capacity of our exam centres
  • Our candidates can take their exam in a clean and ventilated room, and at a safe distance from others
  • Our exam supervisors and examiners are provided with personal protective equipment and sanitising materials in line with official requirements
  • There is a clear protocol in place to ensure everyone’s safety in case a candidate or staff member starts to display symptoms linked to Covid-19 on the day of the exam.

 As an exam candidate, you are requested to:

  • Bring your face mask, sanitiser, and a transparent water bottle along on the exam day. Please note that wearing a mask is a mandatory requirement to enter the exam hall
  • Maintain two-metre distance from other candidates while standing in a queue or entering or leaving the exam hall
  • Cooperate with our staff, as there will be temperature checks before entering the exam hall and it might add to your waiting time in the queues
  • If you are suffering from the flu, or a fever or cough, please inform us in advance at and share your details, exam dates and symptoms. Please stay home if you feel unwell as we will be asking all candidates who appear to have such symptoms on the exam day to return home.

We will also be ensuring the following Standard Operating Procedures are in place at all exam venues:

  • Equipment, chairs, and tables at the exam centres will be cleaned and sanitised after every exam session, as per WHO advice and standards
  • Hand sanitisers and handwash facilities will be available at all exam centres
  • Candidates will enter the exam hall after going through a touchless ID check
  • Separate areas will be provided for candidates with access/special arrangements
  • To avoid large gatherings outside the venue, we will allot different reporting times to different groups of candidates, and safety protocols will be followed by limiting the number of candidates at all exit and entry points

 We seek your continued support and cooperation in fulfilling our responsibility of delivering examinations to the best of our ability while prioritising your health and safety at all times