Customised Business Communications Skills (CBCS)

The CBCS is a fully customised training solution that provides course participants with the job specific language and business skills they need to work and communicate more effectively in English. For customised courses, learning objectives and syllabuses are written specifically for each group of participants. We will discuss your key performance indicators, carry out a needs analysis of your trainees, collect samples of materials and documents that they use daily in English and focus our syllabus design on the workplace competencies appropriate for your staff.

Choose a Customised Business Communication Skills course with the world’s English experts and you will :

  • be given a course outline developed in close consultation with all stakeholders in your organisation, using meetings, focus groups and questionnaires to ensure the programme meets your business objectives
  • receive training based on company-specific discussion topics, case studies, documents and activities
  • have your staff see a direct relationship between course content and their own experience, easing the transfer of their learning back to the workplace

Course information

  • Levels

    From Pre-Intermediate to Advanced.

  • Course length

    Depends on your training objectives. Typically four hours of classes each week, on one or two days.

  • Course locations

    Your company premises, or at one of our Teaching Centres in Dhaka or Chittagong.