English skills for success

Our Secondary Plus course teaches teenagers the skills they need to feel confident communicating in English as a second language. They will go out into the world ready to seize opportunities and achieve everything they have dreamed of. 

Led by qualified English-teaching experts who offer a fantastic learning experience, Secondary Plus will enable your child to reach their full potential.


Course overview 

  • Price:  See below
  • Duration: 16 weeks per term
  • Age: 13–17 years 

Build skills and confidence in English

Teenagers can be themselves in our inclusive learning environment. Our English courses encourage them to: 

  • learn English as a second language and become assertive, independent and culturally aware global citizens
  • express their opinions openly, helping them to gain confidence in speaking English 
  • work on practical and challenging tasks that encourage self-expression and creative thinking  
  • collaborate in team tasks alongside classmates with a similar language level and age.

What parents need to know 

How is the course delivered? 

Expert teachers guide and support each student and use modern learning methods, getting students ready to use English in the real world, in university and in the workplace.

In our English language classes for teens, learners:

  • participate in engaging, interactive activities
  • enjoy stimulating speaking classes 
  • develop language skills with guidance from a qualified English teacher.

What are the learning principles? 

During the course, your teen will: 

  • practise skills for success in school exams and at international universities
  • build teamwork and leadership skills by working collaboratively with classmates
  • develop their creativity and connect with learners from other cultures.

How is progress assessed? 

At the British Council, we listen to your feedback because we want our learners to have a better learning experience. We provide regular feedback on your child’s progress, along with certificates of attendance and reports on their language skills. 

  • Formal and informal assessments are part of the course programme. 
  • Personalised online dashboards help you track progress together with your child. 

We will show you your child’s progress throughout the academic year in a report with information about:

  • the magazines and the projects that your child has studied
  • an assessment of the project part based on international CEFR standards
  • a graph showing you their progress throughout the assessed period. 

Watch the video and find more information about CEFR standards.

The learning hub and your child’s progress

Our learning hub is a secure online platform that helps your child study independently and at their own pace, before and after class. This means class time is focused on improving their English-speaking and productive skills. Children can enjoy extra activities guided by their teacher, and parents can access data on progress. Find out more in our Parent centre.

Course information

  • Course Duration

     Each term has 16 weeks of classes with 16 classes in total. Each class is three hours long. There are three terms offered in an academic year.

     1 term = 16 weeks, 48 hours | 2 terms = 32 weeks, 96 hours | 3 terms = 48 weeks, 144 hours

  • Course Price

    Regular term package prices starting from BDT 883 per hour.

    Exclusive 5% discount available for course registrations within 5 days of consultation taken.

    Term Packages Discounts available (No EMI)
    1 Term 10% on weekday course , 10% on weekend course
    2 Terms 20% on weekday course , 15% on weekend course
    3 Terms/ Full Year 30% on weekday course , 20% on weekend course

    Attractive 0% EMI option available on regular price only

    All prices are inclusive of VAT and Tax.

  • Course locations

Course Certificate Ceremonies

Reports are emailed to parents.

Parents will be emailed reports at the end of each term.  All students will receive certificates in the final lesson of the term. There will be a class presentation ceremony. Students completing the full academic year will be receive a certificate celebrating their achievement.