The British Council opened a door of opportunity for the citizens of Chittagong to enrich their knowledge further. We have introduced an “English Language Self Access Centre” at the Chittagong Public Library. Mr Ashish Kumar Sarker, Director General, Department of Public Libraries Additional Secretary, Ministry of Cultural Affairs inaugurated an English Language Self Access Centre (English language SAC) for library users at the Chittagong Public Library.

The British Council has donated around 2500 Books, six computers, furniture, 300 DVDs and a 42" LED TV for library users. The English language SAC has been set up on the first floor, besides the newspaper reading room, at the Chittagong Public Library. The self-access centre includes books, DVDs, computers and furniture – a ready-made library. Through the centre, the public will have greater access to information, resources and - very soon - the internet – and a range of user-driven services to help individuals find decent work and economic empowerment.