Primary English Courses for Kids and Teens

Children learning with the world's English language experts will:

  • be taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers of children, who will inspire and motivate them
  • learn through songs, rhymes, stories, games, videos, tablets, apps and the internet
  • develop the ability, confidence , and language skills to communicate in English when dealing with familiar topics and themes
  • take part in group-based activities and class projects specially designed for the way children learn
  • have lessons that are different from but support their regular school studies
  • engage in developing 21st century skills, cultural relations and British Council values

Our commitment to academic excellence is at the core of our course structure. We provide : 

  • An academic year with three terms for year-long learning 
  • Regular communication with our teachers about their child’s progress 
  • A calendar of events and activities for children and their parents when they are with us to enjoy the full British Council experience.

We value parental involvement and believe that you as parents have a vital role to play in supporting the progress of your child.Each term we will invite you to join your child's class and to find out more about our approach in our parent workshops. 

With this course, your child will :

  • build confidence by speaking in English about familiar topics such as their surroundings, from their home to their neighbourhood
  • express themselves through exciting activities and group projects – exploring subjects like the natural world, from under the sea to outer space
  • develop important life skills, which prepare them for their future beyond the classroo

Course information

  • Course Duration

    Each term has 16 weeks of classes with 16 classes in total. Each class is three hours long. There are three terms offered in an academic year.

     1 term = 16 weeks, 48 hours | 2 terms = 32 weeks, 96 hours | 3 terms = 48 weeks, 144 hours

  • Price

    • 3 packages at full amount :1 term = BDT 33,920 | 2 terms = BDT 67,840 | 3 terms = BDT 101,760 
    • 3 packages at discounted amount : 1 term = 10% off  at BDT 30,528|  2 terms = 15% off at BDT  57,664  | 3 terms = 22% off at BDT 79,373 
    • Instalment Payment solutions: Pay termly packages upfront and get discounts or pay each term in two instalments at the full amount of BDT 33,920 (not eligible for discount). Instalment 1 at BDT 17,300 at the beginning of the term and Instalment 2 at BDT 16,620 after 8 weeks into the term. Please note - students can join any time and can pay a pro-rated fee for that term at the full amount (BDT 707/hr)  
  • Course locations

  • Class capacity

    20 students per class

Fuller Road
Class timetables

Days Times
Friday and Saturday 09.00 - 12.00 / 14.30 - 17.30 / 18.00 - 21.00 

 Please note: Exact timetable will depend on age-wise class. Class timetables will be confirmed upon registration.

For information about the academic calendar and holidays, please see our Teaching Centres and contact us page.

 Course Certificate Ceremonies

Reports are emailed to parents.

Parents will be emailed reports at the end of each term.  All students will receive certificates in the final lesson of the term. There will be a class presentation ceremony. Students completing the full academic year will be receive a certificate celebrating their achievement.