Intra-school Art Competition under Play Learn Act Project
Sunday 04 September 2016 to Wednesday 05 October 2016

Play Learn Act is a new project, developed by the British Council, and supported by grants from The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) which provides the opportunity to develop capacity in 20 governmental primary schools in three years. 

The objective of the programme is to enhance literacy (reading and writing) and communication skills (listening and speaking) of 22,500 students, teachers, school administration staff and parents in Bangladesh and to develop their analytical and thinking skills and help them express their thoughts and ideas in a more articulate manner by introducing books and digital resources through school events, community events and competitions. 

The targeted students are from the underprivileged background with no access to additional learning resources outside their regular school curricula. As a part of this project, throughout the month of September and till 5 October 2016, ten intra-school art competitions were arranged among the students of the selected schools. The aim was to reach 5000 students in the first year. Whereas, around 6500 students got involved through this art competition. 

All the participants were provided with the crayons and awarded certificate of participation. Winners will be awarded prizes through annual award giving gala event at the end of this year. The teachers and students are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming trainings and community events for them.