Collective Induction Session on Learn English portal
Tuesday 20 September 2016

The Book Reading programme aims to develop the reading habit and language proficiency in English through reading the simplified version of story books. The British Council Learn English website offers hundreds of high-quality resources for the learners improve their English Language Skills. To help students in vocabulary expansion, improvisation of memory and cognitive skills and to promote stronger analytical and thinking skills, Book Reading Programme offers an induction session on the Learn English website to the existing and potential participants of Book Reading Competition.

A collective induction session on Learn English portal was arranged among 70 students and coordinated by five teachers from BRAC University in Dhaka on 20 September 2016. The facilitator introduced the website to the students and explained its importance in personal and professional life. To make the session more engaging, a game from the Learn English Website named ‘Wordshake’ was played with the students. This game was all about making more meaningful words within three minutes of time. 70 students were divided into seven groups of equal members and a team leader. The participants seemed very excited about playing the game as they listened to the instructions about ‘How to play and win the game’. 

Once the briefing was done, the game began and the group members helped the leaders with different meaningful words to win. The winning team made 47 meaningful words within three minutes and they were awarded gifts bearing the name of the British Council. The leader of the winning team said, “This informative website and the wonderful technique of learning English helped us to expand our thinking ability and team building spirit”. They are looking forward to having more interactive sessions in near future.