Bangladesh’s SD-03 Workshop
Thursday 23 March 2017

Skill for Employment Investment Programme’s (SEIP) SD-03 project, managed by the British Council in association with Dhaka Ahsania Mission conducted a workshop on an emerging IT job called ‘Medical Scribe’ on 23 March 2017.

The workshop brought together the national and international consultants of the project, SEIP technical experts and officials, Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) accreditation experts and industry representatives to form a working group and develop competency standards for Medical Scribe profession.

Medical Scribe is a job where an IT professional works remotely with a doctor in the USA to document the medical information of the patients. As there is a shortage of manpower in these overseas markets, Bangladesh has good potential to enter the market by providing skill training to a large number of talented youth. The industry offers best in compensation packages with attractive fringe benefits- transport support with insurance coverage for night shift employees. “We will be providing a professional and safe working environment to these scribes, both male and female, while simultaneously providing the opportunity to work alongside highly skilled doctors and medical professionals based out of the US,” said Armina Partner Relationship Manager, Augmedix Corporation, the Silicon Valley-based healthcare company.

Moreover, the skills that will be imparted to the youth during this training will give them an opportunity to choose from a large bouquet of jobs. SD-03 is developing competency standards and materials for the training of Scribes. Augmedix has already started recruiting Bangladeshis who will provide the initial scribe support, including updating patients' medical history and other relevant data.

SEIP project has targeted to train 5,785 trainees on IT by 2018 in the association of Bangladesh Association of Call Canter and Outsourcing (BACCO). By this time, 1,322 have been enrolled and 486 trainees had received job among them. This project is helping to bring about positive changes in the areas of skill development sector in Bangladesh.