Friday 15 December 2017 -
11:00 to 17:00

The British Council in collaboration with the Human Library Bangladesh is going to host Human Library Dhaka Session to promote tolerance and empathy through connecting people from different faiths, values and cultures.

A Human Library is a global initiative started from Copenhagen in 2000. It brings a diverse set of people together from different culture, background, thoughts and beliefs-but who are right here in our society. They share their perspective and thoughts and allow you, the reader, to learn their life story. It has a list of people available to be ‘borrowed’ and visitors are free to pick out a person who interests them and sit with them to hear their story, or just talk about that particular topic. 

How does it work?

Step 1: The books gather at the venue with librarians (event volunteers) accompanying them the readers come to the library and register their name and get a library card

Step 2: Then the readers are directed to the book list. From that list, he or she chooses a book by displaying their library card

Step 3: Then librarians take readers to their chosen book and they sit together for 20-25 minutes, their conversation free to flow where it wishes - the ‘book’ shares their experience and answers reader’s questions

Step 4: The librarians keep track of the session time and update the available booklist. A book usually gets minimum 10-15 minutes break after a session. After that, the book is again available in the booklist.