Tuesday 29 November 2016 to Thursday 05 January 2017

The British Council in partnership with The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) is going to organise an art competition for the primary school students. Ten winners from each group will be awarded prizes. 

Topic of the painting: Rainbow Fish


Participants must draw a picture based on the topic ‘Rainbow Fish’.‘Rainbow Fish’ is a name of a story book which is written by Marcus Pfister. The story tells of a fish with shiny, multi-coloured scales named Rainbow Fish. He is always fond of his scales. But one day, a small fish asks him if he could have one. Rainbow Fish refuses in a very rude way. The other fish are really upset about his behaviour and don't want to play with him anymore. Feeling upset, his only friend left, the starfish, tells him to go visit the mysterious octopus for advice. Rainbow Fish finds the octopus and asks what he should do. The octopus tells him that he must share the beauty of his scales with his friends. 

When he encounters the small fish a second time, the Rainbow Fish gives her one of his precious scales and seeing the joy of this little fish, he immediately feels much better. 



  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Class 4
  • Class 5


The painting must be submitted in an a3 sized paper along with the participant’s name, class, contact number, e-mail address and division. One participant can submit only one picture. Any kind of colour can be used.

Last date of submission 

5 January 2017

Date of result

12 January 2017

Where to send the artwork

Artwork can be sent by post or in person to the address below:

Library, British Council

Dhaka University Campus Office

5 Fuller Road


Contact: +88 09666773377