Thursday 27 April 2017 -
17:00 to 18:30

The British Council is happy to host ‘Latest Science for All’- a monthly series of public lecture on contemporary science by Professor Dr Muhammad Ibrahim, an eminent professor of General Education in the ULAB university, Dhaka and physicist from the University of Dhaka. The session is open to students from class 6-12 and adults as well.

The topic of this month is 'The Brave New World of Genetic Engineering'. Today, the scientists not only learn to read the code of life written in the language of DNA, but also learn to make change in it. The most dramatic things that happened are the transfer of genes from one species to another and the creation of synthetic DNA leading to synthetic organisms. This is a brave new world where men have to tread softly indeed. 

Bangla Vision, a renowned TV channel will cover the programme once in a month. In every episode of this science talk, there will have a quiz competition for the audiences based on the day’s topic and discussion.  The name of the winner will be announced in the following episode.