Latest Science with Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim
Thursday 25 January 2018 -
17:00 to 18:30

The British Council is happy to host ‘Latest Science for All’- a monthly series of public lecture on contemporary science by Professor Dr Muhammad Ibrahim, an eminent professor of General Education in the ULAB university, Dhaka and physicist from the University of Dhaka. The session is open to students from class 6-12 and adults as well. It will be held at the Dhaka University campus office of the British Council.

The topic of this month is ' The site of our memory'

One of the major differences between computer memory and our own memory is that whereas the former is highly localized in the computer chip and remain there without any change, our memory is very flexibly spread out in our brain, vulnerable to various outside effects. We are talking about the long term memory which can be retrieved at various times, including quite a long one. The short term memory, which can also be called a working memory, is a totally different entity useful only for a very short time. The creation of memory, its recording, things which can trigger its retrieval suddenly reminding us of an old experience, can be very interesting things indeed. And then we should not forget the process of forgetfulness of our brain. 

In every episode of this science talk, there will have a quiz competition for the audiences based on the day’s topic and discussion. Three winners will be selected based on the questions they have asked and will be awarded prizes.