Lucy Hawking at British Council Bangladesh
Monday 24 November 2014 -
15:00 to 23:59
British Council Library, Fuller Road, Dhaka

Lucy Hawking is a popular author and journalist in her own right. But she is also well-known for being the daughter of the world renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking. Recently, she spent a lovely and otherworldly afternoon with children in Dhaka.

In Bangladesh to participate in the Hay Festival, she dedicated an hour of her time with a young audience at the British Council Library, in an event called ‘Meet the Author: Lucy Hawking’, organised in collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank. In this one hour, she brought the young attendees with her to a world full of stars, planets, galaxies, in attempt to teach them about and show them the wonders of space.

Lucy Hawking works with her father to make science and astronomy exciting and attractive to children, with the help of animation, interactive illustrations and images and children’s books. She made the most of this time at the British Council with the young attendees to do the same.

She also talked of her popular series, the George series, authored by her for children to learn more about her father’s life and work on unveiling the secrets of the universe. She also talked about ‘The Theory of Everything’, the 2014 biopic of her father, saying that anyone who wants to know more about her father and her relationship with him must watch the movie as it says it all.

In her beautiful and interactive lesson on the universe and space, she talked of the wonder of the planet Earth as it sustains life and diversity like no other planet known to us. She captivated the audience with facts, lessons, animation, illustrations and the beauty of science and space.

The event ended with a Q&A session that didn’t really produce any questions, but ended with children surrounding her with enthusiasm and awe.