Networking event in Chittagong
Wednesday 22 March 2017

A networking event with school principals, university faculties, IELTS registration partners, media agencies and other stakeholders was held in Chittagong on 22 March 2017. Craig Ewan, IELTS Regional Business Development Manager graced the event as the chief guest.

Jahir Uddin, Head Chittagong centre, British Council delivered an introductory speech to the audience and expressed his keen interest in working together in connecting more people with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK. He also mentioned that his previous experience of working in the UK Education sector for a long time helped him to provide better support to the local students in pursuing UK qualifications.

Deep Adhikari, Director Examinations, British Council welcomed the guests and thanked for their continued support towards the British Council. He re-emphasised the important relationship with local institutions and partners in promoting and delivering of UK examinations in Bangladesh, particularly in Chittagong. He also introduced the colleagues with the audience mentioning the new roles and how as a team we can work together and help each other towards a common goal.

A presentation was delivered by Zunayed Ahmed, Deputy Director Examinations, British Council on Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN). He shared the new initiatives and activities under PSGN network. He also covered how PSGN can help the local institutions to become part of a global network through sharing knowledge and experiences with different schools across the wider network.

Craig Ewan, IELTS Regional Business Development Manager, British Council shared interesting facts and figures about IELTS. In his speech, he mentioned how higher education institutions and organisations globally are putting more importance on IELTS in assessing the English language proficiency as the world’s most popular English testing system. 

A quick certificate handover ceremony was also organised for the teachers of different schools who successfully completed the Student Counsellors training. Bangladesh is the first country across South Asia where this global training has been successfully launched. This was a unique programme specially customised for the schools under PSGN offer. The training was delivered through an online platform over a period of eight weeks including three face-to-face sessions.