Thursday 04 May 2017

Piano performance! Those two simple words are enough to bring most people back to childhood!

It is a great starter instrument and people love it so much that they never learn another instrument. Research proves that learning a musical instrument makes people smarter, more diligent and overall better rounded person. The piano is a good gateway instrument because it’s easy to produce music without a lot of skill, which makes learners feel accomplished and encourages them to continue learning.

Benefits of learning the piano include:

- Higher performance in school
- Better understanding of STEM disciplines
- More creative thinking
- Increased diligence and responsibility
- Increased concentration
- Higher self-esteem
- Better coordination

Music brings us all so much happiness – it is very central to our lives. It is important to be given the chance to make music because it can give us an emotional and creative outlet. Playing the piano provides an opportunity to perform.

Join the piano performance and enjoy a warm evening with us!