Teaching reading induction
Thursday 14 July 2016

With the objective of giving an  opportunity to read world literature in English in a simplified way, the British Council is running the Book Reading Competition Programme from 23 April 2016 to 10 September 2016 supported by Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills (BSRM). The programme is running in 90 institutions where over 15,000 members are participating. Under this programme, to help students develop their English language skills,  the British Council provides book support to the participating institutions and motivates them to include the programme for the interested students .

As a part of this programme, the British Council has organised two ‘Teaching Reading Induction’ sessions on 14 July 2016. Teachers who are engaged with the book reading programmes in different renowned universities were invited to this programme. Teachers from seven private universities- Green University and Southeast University, Bangladesh Skills Development Institute, BRAC University, IBAIS, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh and Manarat International University attended the event. 

Teachers were trained on different tricks and tactics that they can apply in order to motivate students. These tricks and tactics were presented via Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and using audiovisuals so that the session became more engaging. The teachers were encouraged to share their experiences regarding how they motivated students to participate in the Book Reading competition and the challenges they faced while promoting it. They came up with possible innovative approaches and suggestions to overcome those challenges. Teachers who attended this programme appreciated the initiative taken by the British Council.