We frequently work with universities, schools and other educational institutions to deliver information about the IELTS test at their premises, exclusively for their students.

Running an IELTS orientation session at your premises means your students will get valuable information as to the IELTS test content and structure, test day information and general tips and advice on how to make the most out of their test.


IELTS Consultation Programme

IELTS Consultation Program (ICP) is an interactive briefing session, aimed for students who are interested to take an IELTS exam in their near future to cater their career aspirations. It begins with an introduction on how IELTS can open doors to many other opportunities worldwide.

ICP is a 90 Minutes briefing session which gives an overview of:

•             Preparation with Online resources

•             Tips, techniques, common mistakes

•             Registrations and Exams

•             Results

•             Open Q & A session

Students undertake their own initiatives to contact tuition providers / visa processing agencies / Embassies to find out authentic information on the requirements of English Assessment. With limited knowledge, they often cannot avail the opportunities developed by British Council on English assessments, particularly IELTS.

To organize an IELTS Consultation Programme in your premises, contact British Council Business Development Team. You need to arrange the following:

  • ·     Promote the event among your students
  • ·     Confirm a minimum of 40 attendees
  • ·     Arrange logistics


To know more, please contact us  at bd.enquiries@britishcouncil.org