Ever wondered what makes a volcano erupt or a bee buzz? Science is no longer a geeky subject, and FameLab has just made it more fun. FameLab is the world's leading science communication competition. It is designed to inspire, motivate and develop scientists and engineers to actively engage with young minds in public communities and stakeholders. The British Council, in partnership with the Times Cheltenham Science Festival, has seen more than 9000 emerging scientists and engineers participate from over 30 countries since 2007.

In 2017 the British Council launched FameLab in Bangladesh for the first time and received over 500 registrations for auditions nationwide. This year we are going beyond and will welcome participants from across Bangladesh. So, be the next FameLabber and apply now here.

Last date of registration - 25 January 2018

Auditioning locations- 

  1. Dhaka
  2. Chattogram
  3. Sylhet 

How FameLab works

FameLab is segmented into three major stages. The first phase will begin with the regional auditions across three cities, Dhaka, Sylhet and Chattagram, otherwise known as "heats" for participants across Bangladesh organised by British Council. Applicants will register online and will be shortlisted for auditions where they will be critically judged based on their content, clarity and charisma. Registration will close on 25 January 2019. Auditions for Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet will begin on 8 February 2019, 15 February 2019 and 22 February 2019 respectively. Participants selected through auditions will be invited to Dhaka on 8 March 2019 for the second round of FameLab to participate in the Masterclass with a renowned scientist from the UK. Here, the finalists will have the opportunity to develop an in-depth idea of how to generate and materialise unique scientific ideas and to present those in creative ways on-stage within three minutes. They will all have individual grooming sessions from the trainer as well as from the judges, to prepare themselves for both the National FameLab Finale and Cheltenham Science Festival.

The final stage consists of the National Gala round to be held in Dhaka on 22 March 2019 where one FameLabber will be selected to represent Bangladesh at the international Cheltenham Science Festival in London, UK.

The British Council constantly engages in opportunities to promote sustainable industrialisation and innovation. FameLab is one of its initiatives to open up platforms of opportunities for young minds to contribute to their country’s development.

Apply for FameLab Bangladesh

  1. Fill out and submit the online application form.
  2. We will confirm receipt of your application and will contact you by email to inform you of the next steps.
  3. Go along to your city’s heat and present your scientific topic to our panel of judges! If it's a public heat, don't forget to invite your friends and family to support you!


If you are successful at the initial regional stage auditions, you will be invited to attend a Masterclass with trainer from UK that will help you develop invaluable STEM media and presentation skills. Further details will be sent to all successful candidates following the FameLab Bangladesh application deadline.

The Communication Masterclass will take place in Dhaka in March 2019.

The FameLab Bangladesh Final will be held at the British Council, Dhak University campus office.

Both the FameLab Bangladesh Masterclass and Final are mandatory for all applicants. Please remember to keep these dates free as it might be you attending!


  • Please note that candidates involved in the FameLab Bangladesh Final will not be permitted to use the same presentation they used in the regional heats. Instead you will be required to alter the content and style of an existing presentation or present on a completely new topic. Each candidate should decide on the theme(s) of their presentation(s).
  • Participants will have to perform and speak in English as this is a global competition.
  • No transport allowance or other costs will be provided to candidates for participating in auditions, Masterclass and Finale in Dhaka if selected.
  • By taking part in a FameLab Bangladesh regional heat, you agree to fully participate in the programme, to abide by the judging panels' decisions and to fully accept the rules and conditions of participation as agreed by the FameLab Bangladesh management team. For further details, contact Naveed.Ferdous@bd.britishcouncil.org 

The FameLab Bangladesh management team reserves the right to amend the programme format and calendar of activity on grounds of force majeure.