GCSEPods Orientation Programme-1

The GCSEPods orientation was arranged by the British Council in Chittagong on 4 November 2017. The workshops engaged more than 30 teachers and students of our Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN) schools in Chittagong. The tutorial and Podcasts demonstration was facilitated by our PSGN Coordinator Rifat Jahan Chowdhury. GCSEPod is a high-quality online study tool in its unique ‘Pod’ format that is an audio-visual learning application, provided to PSGN schools at free of cost. The purpose of these tutorial workshops is to introduce the features and demonstrate the usage of GCSE Pods to teachers and students, enabling them to maximise utilisation of this valuable study tool.

During the workshops, participating teachers and students from PSGN schools were thoroughly familiarised with this unique study tool, which will support their study methodology and enrich their knowledge base. This particular learning application will give in depth subject knowledge and support in generating homework, assessment and revision tasks within seconds by using the central Community Question Bank, which is a resource-rich digital library. Furthermore, this audio-visual learning will provide special specialist subject knowledge for 21 curriculum areas, written by expert subject teachers. Through this initiative, participants will develop their learning skills further and allow them to become digitally affluent.