micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer that can be used for any kind of cool creations. With easy, fun and colourful coding experience, children can enhance their digital skills as well as creativity. Because the possibilities with micro:bit is endless!

The British Council Cultural Centre wants to change “Coding is for adults”, “coding is used by professionals” and “coding is tough and boring” into “coding is for all ages”, “coding can be used by children” and “coding is easy-peasy and fun!” So, get creative, get connected and get coding with us in 8 exciting lessons with our specialists!

The participants will receive 8 lessons in total. These lessons will include easy and creative ways of learning to code. The programme package includes the micro:bit device itself! So, the participants can explore and enjoy its fun features later on.

Things to know

Class Schedule: Every Sundays and Tuesdays 

 Fees: For Library Members Tk. 2500.00

           For others Tk. 3000.00

 Seat Limit: 12 participants

 Age Limit: 12 years – 14 years

 Class Duration: 2 hours (4.00pm – 6.00pm)

 Registration: Visit our Fuller Road office to register 

Classes will begin from 4 November 2018. Registration will be open until 3 November 2018. So, hurry up and confirm your seats before its too late!

Take a look at this video introducing the micro:bit, which has the potential to revolutionise how we teach coding to young people.

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