Grand opening of Cultural Centre and showcasing ‘A Different Romeo and Juliet’

The British Council has inaugurated its Cultural Centre on 26 July 2017 at the Dhaka University campus office. The British Council have been promoting cultural relations between the UK and Bangladesh for almost 70 years, creating international opportunities for people in both the countries in order to meet their aspirations for a better life and the British Council Cultural Centre is nothing different. It is a platform that promotes culture and arts. 

The Cultural Centre aims to attract the brightest creative entrepreneurs and cultural leaders with a wider audience through the multi-dimensional use of library space. It gives the artists a platform to reinvent. At the inauguration event, a drama titled ‘A Different Romeo and Juliet' was showcased, highlighting Bangladeshi actors with disabilities. 

Nurul Islam Nahid, M.P Honourable Minister, Ministry of Education; Asaduzzaman Noor, M.P Honourable Minister, Ministry of Cultural Affairs along with other distinguished guests were present at the ceremony. The honourable guests inaugurated the British Council Cultural Centre through a cake cutting ceremony. Sir Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive, British Council said, ‘The British Council is a cultural relations organisation, and it is cultural relationships that we exist to nurture and promote’. 

The Cultural Centre invites Bangladeshi audiences in projects, performances, debates and exhibitions, connecting new ideas with open minds. These activities will create a greater mutual understanding of British and Bangladeshi culture and arts, for example, exploring education, teaching practices, English learning, the cultural industries, social exclusion, cultural identity, equal opportunity and diversity. The centre will inspire more creative works and contribute to the richness of Bangladesh’s multi-cultural society. 

The British Council Cultural Centre hosts free public events every month. Discover something new each time or check the monthly schedule in advance.