In collaboration with the Human Library Dhaka, we have hosted Human Library Dhaka session 2.0 on 15 December 2017 at the British Council, Dhaka University campus office. The sunny winter morning started with the book selection by the readers from the human library desk. The books were placed in the auditorium and the garden area. There were ten books and around 450 readers joined the library in five different sessions. Each of the sessions continued for 20 minutes. The books focused on issues like faith, resilience, acceptability, uniqueness, hope, passion, experience of life and pushing the boundaries with art. These narratives are experiences of journalists, lawyers, people with disabilities, women entrepreneurs etc.‘The event was truly outstanding. I loved every bit of it as the time went by! Eagerly waiting for the next one.’ said, Fabliha Afra, Reader, Human Library Dhaka Session 2.0. 

The session promoted tolerance and empathy through connecting people from different faiths, values and cultures. Some readers visited our Library for the first time. Our Cultural Centre space acted as a platform for social networking.