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This week we bring you even more fantastic books for your kids to bury their noses in!

One by Sarah Crossan

One follows two sisters who are as close as you can imagine: they are conjoined twins. Written in verse, the book explores the emotional and psychological impact of being conjoined: of being in sync as well as individuals. This is a powerful read for young adults.

The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

Set in Russia, this is a tale of Feo and her mother who are ‘wolf wilders’: the opposite of animal tamers, people who teach wolves to fend for themselves. The story follows Feo’s adventure as she learns to be wild herself and embrace her true self.

Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard

A brilliant three part trilogy about friendship, beetles and adventure, this book is the ideal imaginative and informative summer read. MG packs the book full of beetle science, but balances this with great characters for a real page-turner.

Little Home Bird by Jo Empson

This beautiful picture book will capture the hearts and minds of children and their parents alike. Little bird loves home: from the nest to the branch he lives on. When Little Bird discovers he and his brother must leave, he wonders how he can find happiness again.

Lionheart by Richard Collingridge

This is the best book for any child who thinks there are monsters under the bed and needs a dose of courage. When Richard runs away from scary noises at night and finds himself in the jungle, he learns the true meaning of courage.

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