Children’s books can be absolutely magical: full of hope, friends and fantasy. Here we bring you five of the most popular books members have been fighting to get their hands on. 

The Jungle Book (1894) by Rudyard Kipling

Most of us think of the iconic Disney film when we hear the name The Jungle Book. In fact, the film is inspired by an anthology of short stories and poems by British author, Rudyard Kipling. The first of these, Mowgli’s Brothers, details the story of the Mowgli we know from the films: an orphan boy who grows up in the jungle surrounded by animals.

Perijee & Me (2016) by Ross Montgomery

There is some brilliant children’s literature being published these days and Perijee & Me is no exception. Telling the story of Caitlin and the tiny alien she finds on the beach, this is an inspirational story of friendship and acceptance.

Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot (2015) by Clare Horatio

This is a fresh take on the children’s story with young Aubrey trying to help his Dad battle depression. Tackling a difficult subject from a child’s perspective and offering hope, this is a must-read for young people.

Peter Pan and Wendy (1904) by J.M. Barrie

This timeless classic will never fail to enrapture children at bedtime. Taking us to far-away Neverland, with everything from pirates to Lost Boys, this story will have your kids hooked.

Panther’s Moon and Other Stories (2000) by Ruskin Bond

This collection of short stories, set in the Himalayan region, details beautiful relationships between humans and animals. Perfect for children who are keen readers and looking to get to know one of India’s finest authors, these stories are fun, imaginative and heartwarming.

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