Piano Performance at the British Council Bangladesh Cultural Centre

The British Council has been promoting cultural relations between the UK and Bangladesh for over 60 years. We are creating international opportunities for people in our countries in order to meet their aspirations for a better life and the British Council Cultural Centre is nothing different. It is a platform that promotes culture and arts. Our Cultural Centre has hosted a piano performance by the rising stars on 4 May 2017 at the Dhaka University Campus office.

'Piano performance' these two simple words are enough to bring most people back to childhood! Eight rising stars who are learning the piano and showcasing their talent, inspiring others at different levels performed at the event. The night started with Seward Atif’s performance followed by the performances of Ashraf Siddiq, Nousheen Hridita, Nishat Tarannum, Zakia Sameen Noor, Primoy Reza, Anuva Ariyanna and Maliha Khan. The auditorium was packed with over a hundred audiences. But that all changed with the first chord tuned by Zawad Atif. The sheer power of that first note, which filled the entire auditorium, marked the beginning of a night of phenomenal piano music. The rising stars demonstrated their breathtaking virtuosity; their fingers were running up and down the scales with impressive dexterity, and their hands jumping across the piano keyboard with perfect precision. The rising stars played various joyful tunes that are familiar to even non-musicians. 

Piano is a great starter instrument and people love it so much. Research proves that learning a musical instrument makes people smarter, more diligent and overall better rounded person. The piano is a good gateway instrument because it’s easy to produce music without a lot of skill, which makes learners feel accomplished and encourages them to continue learning. The benefits of learning the piano include higher performance in school, better understanding of Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines, more creative thinking, increased diligence and responsibility, increased concentration, higher self-esteem, better coordination and more adaptability.

On that very day for an hour, all the audiences were united and captivated by the piano performances. Immediately after the final performance by Maliha Khan the audiences punctuated by frequent cries of “Bravo!”  The audience’s continued applause signified their plea to hear more, a request to which she gladly responded.  

The British Council Cultural Centre presents free public programs every month. Discover something new each time or check the monthly schedule in advance.