Work Areas of PROKAS

PROKAS Working Areas

PROKAS is facilitating and supporting actors working in two areas: climate governance and labour migration.

Climate Finance Transparency Mechanism Project

The goal of this project is to increase the efficacy of climate change funds both from government and donors in tackling the impacts of climate change in Bangladesh. The project will develop a web-based mechanism with Government and national actors to support transparency and accountability in climate finance in Bangladesh. At the same time, it will build inclusive networks in select climate vulnerable areas to ensure that information meets different actors’ needs and test the system in a local setting. These networks will also monitor implementation of climate projects and advocate for improvements. All these activities will reinforce other on-going initiatives by government, NGOs and citizens.PROKAS is working with the following partners, as well as with government agencies and private sector actors:

•  Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER), BRAC University
•  Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (CSRL)
•  Coastal Association for Social Transformation Trust (COAST Trust)
•  International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD)

Fairer Labour Migration Project

PROKAS is supporting different Bangladeshi organisations at national and local levels to improve the transparency and accountability of migration through engagement by multiple stakeholders to increase the fairness of the labour migration system. The project supports collective action by government, private sector and civil society groups to contribute to systemic improvements in the way things are done for and by labour migrants. Specifically, the project will support systemic improvements related to the role of intermediaries in informal labour migration practices while seeking ways to build the capacity of migrants to make informed choices. At the national level, the project will focus on an inclusive and informed process for the development and implementation of new labour migration regulations. It will also work on the local level to pilot decentralised multi-stakeholder grievance mechanisms for migrants and aspirant migrants in targeted areas.PROKAS is working with the following partners, as well as with government agencies and private sector actors:

•  Institute of Informatics and Development (IID)
•  Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU)
•  Welfare Association for the Rights of Bangladeshi Emigrants (WARBE) Development Foundation
•  Young Power in Social Action (YPSA)